It seems you pay a lot of attention to the devil who whispers things to you and tries to deceive you! Why do you believe the evil one? Why do you confuse yourself? Be at peace. You worry in vain and torment yourself without reason. The demon presents things in a confused and tangled manner. He fogs your mind with pessimistic thoughts in order to waste your time and distract you from prayer and attention to your daily tasks. Even if you are only a little confused, just enough to take away your desire to fight him, this alone is enough for him to be promoted to a higher rank.


When working alone, try to follow this rule: Sing psalms, doxologies, and verbal or silent prayer of the heart, in order to avoid the murmur of thoughts. In other words, try to turn your thoughts to God. Since the devil changes the subject of our thoughts in order to deceive us, why shouldn’t we do the same thing?

– ‘Spiritual Struggle’