The Holy Spirit gives wings to our prayer! How radically different it is when instead of “wishing” for something, we invoke Christ’s name and pray for the grace of the Holy Spirit to fulfill our prayerful requests! Instead of wishing things were different, to pray: “Show me, O Lord, how I can make a change that will improve this difficult situation!” Instead of wishing one dear to us would be healed of their illness, to offer a sincere prayer: “O Lord, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, comfort so-and-so in her pain and heal her!” Instead of lamenting a difficult task, to pray: “O Lord, give me the strength to do this with love in my heart for Thee!” Instead of wishing we would do better, to fervently pray: “O Lord, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, empower me to battle against this passion!”

The Holy Spirit is the greatest unsung Hero, if one may use that expression, ever ready to help in such a quietly unassuming way, like Christ who made as if He would go further when He walked with Luke and Cleopas until they invited Him into their dwelling. Pentecost is truly a great feast! Let us on bended knee invoke the Holy Spirit to come and abide with us, and let us in all reverence use this gift, the treasured Gift of the Holy Spirit (sealed in each baptized soul), to transform our “wishes” into active prayer. Even more so, toward the great work of the salvation of our souls.

Excerpt from the Abbess Michaila’s monthly letter at St. Paisius Orthodox Monastery