St. Tikhon's Monastery
Submission for the names Non-Orthodox individuals
Names submitted will be offered on all Memorial Saturdays of Lent 2020 so only a one-time submission of the names is needed for all 5 Saturdays:
February 22; March 7, 14, 21; and, June 6. So, only submit names one time (not each week).

1. Please provide full first names only (no nicknames) in this manner: Alexander rather than Alex, Katherine rather than Kathy, etc.).
2. For Orthodox Christians please submit the personís baptismal name or the name used when receiving Holy Communion if possible.
3. For Orthodox clergy and monastics please use that as a title: Priest, Deacon, Monk, etc. instead of Father; Nun, Abbess, etc. rather than Mother.

~ No more than ten (10) names for each section, please
~ One name per line (the form will expand...just hit enter)
~ Enter the first name only (no middle or last names and no commas, etc.)

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Person(s) to be Prayed For
Please enter the names of departed Non-Orthodox Christians in the box below: FIRST NAME ONLY...each on a separate line... press enter on your keyboard after each name. Lists that include last names, descriptions like 'ill' or 'child', and phrases like 'and family' cannot be accepted. Thanks very much for your understanding and help.

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