Thank you for visiting our site.  The purpose of this site it to provide spiritual ‘snacks’ for busy modern Orthodox Christians  (and other visitors) to help them lead the life that the Lord wants for each of us and towards which the Church guides us. Regularly updated sections include…

Features:  a variety of interviews, analysis articles and reference on a specific theme or subject.

Orthodox Saints for Daily Life: a quote from a saint of the Church (up to the 19th century) or a hymn of the Church (troparion, etc.)  along with an icon..  Thanks for for permission to use their images.  The icon does not directly relate to the quote in most cases.  While we follow the ‘new calendar’ when focusing on Feasts those following the Julian dates may still benefit from this ‘preview’ of celebration that is still to come.

Orthodox Quotes: a quote from a modern Orthodox individual or a modern saint  (20th century +).  Updated daily with a variety of thematic images.

There are additional folders of previous, mostly inactive features, that are listed on the right.