Every creature expresses in itself a thought  of God.. And since God’s thought is of God.. And since God’s thought is  perfect and complete, it follows that every  creature, by nature and form, includes in  itself all perfection and completeness. True,  we are in the habit of speaking of some of  God’s creatures as repulsive. But this is  very foolish. If we examine closely the  organisms of these apparently repulsive  creatures, we shall be astonished at their  marvelous structure. It may even be said  that the more unimportant these specimens  of reptile or insect life—creatures which are  almost imperceptible to our eyes—-the more  perfect are they in themselves. We know  but little of Nature, therefore we judge so  superficially. No, when we say : “ Wondrous  art Thou, God, and wondrous Thy works,”  we are acknowledging that every creature  in its kind is perfect, that each one is closely  linked to other creatures, and that all were  created for some special and indispensable  purpose. ”

– ‘The Devout Russian’