“The Saviour never asks people for anything beyond their power. Only that some of His exhortations cannot be fulfilled without His help. He says, ‘Without Me, you can do nothing,’ that is, nothing good.”

“The gospel of Christ is not a simple book of the law, a moral or legal code. It is the very thought of the Saviour Jesus Christ that can only be assumed, assimilated and put into practice by man with the help of Christ.”  “So, only if we ask Christ to give us His merciful and forgiving love, then can we fulfil the commandment to love our enemies.”

“The gospel tells us that we must not remain in that state of loving only those who love us, of helping only those who help us, but of changing our attitude and doing good constantly toward those who love us and to those who harm us.”

“When we do only good, not evil to our fellow people, we are in a healthy state of mind.”

“When we repay evil with evil, we are in a sick state. Since God created man in His image, and He is Merciful and Good, man is like God as long as he is merciful and good. That is why Christ demands that man be constantly good and merciful, not just selectively, episodically, from time to time.”

– Homily Excerpt in October, 2021