Henry VIII is known for the destruction of the Catholic Church in England.  The motivational was secular rather than religious and included the desire to obtain a divorce in order to sire an heir and appropriating lands and funds (i.e. stealing) from monasteries.  Among the fund taken were those that had established ‘chantries’ which were small side chapels where wealthy Christians had established a trust to sponsor daily Masses for their souls after death.  So not only was their physical treasure stolen, their spiritual benefits were stolen as well.

Ironically, Henry VIII in his will designated funds for a chantry for himself: ” “…an altar shall be furnished for the saying of daily masses while the world shall endure.”   So, the king desired for himself what he had stolen from others.

The Protestant movement continued in England and the kings ‘chantry’ went the way of others so that the prayers for his soul which he desired were silenced.  Our sense of justice says ‘serves him right’ but our challenge is to ask mercy for him and others who Satan used to weaken the Faith of the English people.

A side note: in 1520 28 year old Catholic  King Henry VIII was a waist size 29.  After years of attacking the Church at age 48 he had a 51 inch waist.  The result of feeding the flesh instead of the spirit?