The well-known economic hardships in Greece led to the election a few years ago of a leftist government headed by atheist Alexis Tsipras.  Hardships haven’t really gotten any less but the government has increasingly been pushing the Greek Orthodox Church out of its traditional role in the education of the nation’s youth.  Eliminating prayer in schools, trying to make it easier to ‘opt out’ of religious education and a week of ‘sexual education’ that urges acceptance of  lifestyles the Church has always condemned as sinful  and limiting the number of priests that serve  (since the government is in charge of their salaries) are just a few of the government’s initiatives.  This is the result of voters putting secular economic matters over traditional values which has happened throughout the Western world.

A participant of the  Gay Pride event  waves a rainbow flag by police protecting the Greek parliament in central  Athens on June 9, 2012. Some 1000 people took part at a march organised by Greece's gay and lesbian community, with the main slogan ' love me, its for free' . AFP PHOTO/ LOUISA GOULIAMAKIARIS MESSINIS/AFP/GettyImages ORG XMIT:

Education Initiatives Against the Church

Starving the Church of Priests