“I have seen and experienced in many ways that if the grace of God does not enlighten a person, no matter how much you speak to him, you cannot help him. For a moment he will listen, but then the next minute he is re-captivated by his old ways. If, however, grace acts at once through your words, a change occurs at that time with the help of his good intentions. And from that moment his life changes tremendously. However, this happens only to those whose hearing and conscience have not hardened. As for those who hear yet remain disobedient in their evil wills, even if you speak with them night and day, even if you pour out the wisdom of the Fathers into their ears, even if you work miracles before their eyes, even if you turn the flow of the Nile upon them, they will not receive even one drop of benefit. They only want to come, talk, and waste their time because of their laziness. This is why I lock my gate, and at least I benefit from the Jesus prayer and hesychia. For God always hears the Jesus prayer above all other things, whereas He always abhors idle talk, even if it seems spiritual. According to the Fathers, idle talk is mainly passing one’s time with words, without applying them.”
– Monastic Wisdom’