“Mind, heart and will represent man’s triune nature. In a sinful and passionate soul those three things do not exist in unity and harmony of God, but are divided and disharmonious. In that case, man is like a home divided against itself which cannot stand but must fall. Such a spiritual home cannot be saved from perdition by nothing except repentance and faith in the Gospel. But if man comes to know the truth, that is, his true Lord and Savior, Messiah of the world and Heavenly Herald, then he starts giving himself to Him wholeheartedly and begins to open his heart in order to receive Him inside, along with the Fathei and the Spirit. In that case, Christ’s teaching stops being a theory or a philosophy and becomes a practical regime of healing, a fount or regeneration, a method of deification. Everything in it is then as real as the blood on the cross, everything in it as needed as bread and water and everything in it as practical a building a new house.”

– ‘Missionary Letters Vol. 3’