“To have one’s sins forgiven and to be cleansed of passion to be untied from the world and in one’s entirety elevated to God; to have one’s heart cleansed and open and filled with loo toward God and with the desire for direct contact with Him that is what it means to be ready to receive God into oneself. And when God, according to His unspeakable providence and incomprehensible love, moves into such a man, then God within man becomes the subject and the man becomes the object.  This question has been solved by Christian saints. They solved it in themselves in a practical manner. God moved into them and became the subject. They renounced themselves unto themselves and allowed God to think for them, to love lor them and to act through them and for them. Whence then is the knowledge of the truth in them? From God. Whence such a lorce within them, such mighty deeds and miracles? From God.”

– ‘Missionary Letters Vol. 3’