“Extreme church liberals, like their secular peers, are on fire it would seem with the laudable desire to change for the better everything their enlightened minds deem improper in the Church. You know, St. Joseph of Optina once said, “Zeal that desires to uproot all evil is in fact the very worse evil.” Having begun with the demands for radical ritual innovations, they inevitably move on to the revision of dogmas. Their most charismatic leaders insist that nowadays it is ridiculous and senseless to believe in the immortality of the human soul, that Moslems are, as it turns out, the same as Christians, that the Holy Scripture was written without any particular action of divine grace, and they call the belief of Orthodox Christians that the Gospels and our other sacred books were written at the inspiration of the Holy Spirit (“all Scripture is God-inspired.”—Apostle Paul) “grandmother tales”. They allow themselves to make other statements no less unacceptable to the Orthodox consciousness. There is no need to doubt or deceive ourselves—these are the realest Church Bolsheviks, the spiritual brothers of the merciless revolutionaries in leather jackets. They have no pity for anything we have.”
– Quote in pravoslavie.ru