“Some people misunderstand and confuse these words. They say,‘Since God has everything written down, we are ruled by fate and destiny. It was, for example, predestined for you to commit a murder; God had preordained you to do this.’And they ask,‘If I am destined to murder you, am I responsible or not responsible? Moreover, since “the things I have not yet done are already written”, why should we humans be regarded as responsible for our actions? And can you, who affirm that God is good, tell me why lie ordained this and didn’t avert me from doing it?’ Here is the secret: God in His omnipotence and omniscience knows everything including the things that will happen in the future,but He is not the cause use of evil. God has foreknowledge, but He does not pre-ordain… In His omniscience He knows both good and evil. He cooperates with good, being, as God, good by nature and alien to evil. But since He is alien to evil, how is it possible for Him to   ordain us for evil? God created everything exceedingly good and and gave to  everything a good and holy purpose.”

–  ‘Wounded by Love’