“But the heretics, just like the heathens, do not work with the standard of man-the-god but with man-the-worm. And they reason like this – what is impossible for one man is impossible for all men. In other words, what is impossible for man-the worm must be impossible for man-the-god also. Equating all men according to physical wisdom, on a material level, that is the work of the heretics. Equating of people, faiths, nations, everything – in the name of Darwin’s forefather, the ape.  However, nothing since the creation of the world has ever el such a big divide between men as the Gospel has. Some men are called sons of light and others sons of darkness. Some have confessed God to be their father, and others the devil. Some are marked as sons of the Kingdom and others as sons of hell…  European heretics, just like the senseless atheists, seek to see and then to believe. Therefore, they neither know the Spirit  of Truth, nor do they recognize Him according to his actions within them. They do not have Him within them, and  believe not those who do have Him, and thus they go on into perdition!”

– ‘Missionary Letters Vol 3’