“Miracles happen with the prayers of little children. Whatever they ask of God, He provides, because they have innocence, and God hears their pure prayer…With discernment, parents should help their children, from a young age, to draw near to Christ and to experience, from that young age, the higher joys – the spiritual ones. When they start going to school, they should teach them, little by little, to read spiritual books and help them live spiritually. Then they can become angels and their prayer will have greater boldness before God. Such children are a spiritual investment for the family…Childhood joys are pure; they leave a lifelong imprint on a person, who will find himself very moved by (the memory of) them when he is older. If children live spiritually, they will live joyfully in this life and rejoice eternally in the presence of Christ in the afterlife.”

– ‘Family Life’