“In the Orthodox Church, all miracles which a man who is pleasing to God does are ascribed to God and not to man. Even in our days, countless miracles of deliverance from illness or temptation are done through prayers. In this generation, we also ascribe all those miracles to God and not to man, just as the Apostles did in their time. This is a snare for the heretics who renounce miracles. They cannot believe that man can work miracles, that one can, for example, heal a sick man through prayer, or bring down rain or remove some obvious temptation Neither do we believe that a man can do this on his own, but we believe that the Almighty God can do it through man. Bui heretics cannot comprehend that which is important in the Gospel and that is, that God can dwell in man and act as the subject in man.”

– ‘Missionary Letters Vol 3’