“In order for a child to be on the path of God, his parents must be living a proper spiritual life. Some parents who are religious strive to help their children become good persons, not because they are concerned about the salvation of their souls, but because they just want to have good children. In other words, they tend to be more concerned about what other people will say about their children, instead of whether or not the children might go to hell. But then, how can they expect God to help them? The point is not to force the children to go to church, but to help the children get to know and love the Church. Children shouldn’t feel pressured to be good; they should feel a need to be good. The parents’ holy life informs the children’s souls and they then naturally follow their example. As such, they grow up with devotion and with health of both flesh and spirit, without emotional traumas. If parents, out of fear of God, encourage their children, God helps and the children are helped. But if they do this out of egoism, then God does not help. Many times children suffer because of their parents’ pride.”

– ‘Family Life’