“These people, as participants in the all illuminating charisma of the Spirit, may repeat along with Paul “We are not unaware of Satan’s schemes” (B Corinthians 2, 11). They are pure in heart, have perfected themselves in obedience and submission and have completely denied their own will; they also possess strict conscience and have absolutely no selfishness; they persevere in the spiritual task of the Lord’s Prayer and keep the memory of God constantly in their minds; they diligently persevere in the face of temptations. Such people are declared as the true keepers of the mysteries of the Lord and are awarded the virtue of discernment. They become spiritual beacons for the people, the spiritual eyes of the Church and the break-waters of the evil one. The Lord’s command “work and keep” (Genesis 2, 15) is perfectly applied to them and they become able to shepherd Christ’s flock. Therefore, after God, let us regard our conscience as the sleepless guardian and the unambiguous rule for each of our actions. “Then, being aware of the direction of the wind, we will open our sails accordingly” (Saint John of the Ladder)”
– ‘Practical Repentance and its Fruits’