“If you see someone who is indolent, then the person is sick in the soul. Often when we see a quiet, discreet and circumspect person, we say, A very fine and saintly person.’ And yet he may be indolent. The indolent, sluggard and lazy are not acceptable in the eyes of God. Laziness is a very bad thing. Indolence is an  illness; it is a sin. God does not want us to be indolent.  Can you live fit  in ‘ idleness and ill-discipline? You say, ‘I forgot to close the door on leaving the room’, for example. What does ‘I forgot’ mean? You should remember and pay attention! On the contrary, constant effort, movement, work  and activity are a virtue. Physical exertion is a struggle, a spiritual struggle. The more thoughtless you are, the more you are tormented. On the contrary, the more scrupulous and careful you are, the happier you are.”

– ‘Wounded by Love’