“The perfect disciple does not have to give an account when he passes through the toll-houses! He does not fear death, nor the demons, nor God, for he worships Him with burning zeal. The genuine disciple only fears disobedience to his Elder, who acts as a visible Christ for him. Disobedience to the Elder immediately exiles him from the paradise of the grace of the Holy Spirit, Who sweetens to the utmost the humble, dear soul of the disciple who is equal to the angels. The perfect disciple is an exact copy of our Christ, the God-Man.  When a disciple obeys his own Elder for the sake of Christ, he fulfills all the commandments of Christ. Perfect obedience, without murmuring and thoughts of objection, may properly be compared to all the various struggles of applying all the Master’s commandments.”
– ‘Counsels from the Holy Mountain’