I finally made it to confession and asked for advice on how to overcome my slavery to anger, and the judgment and defensiveness that accompanies it. My confessor simply and without hesitation replied: “When that happens to me, I try to remember that Christ could come back for me at this very moment. When I do that, the anger departs.” Immediately upon hearing his humble words, the anger left me. I was free for the first time in weeks. I do not recall any time since then that anger has held me in bondage. Sure, I’ve succumbed to anger on different occasions, but not persistently so. His simple instruction became so associated in my mind with anger, that soon after an occasion of becoming angry I am reminded of what it would be like if Christ were to return for me now. The anger always leaves at that very moment.
The vividness of this experience opened my eyes to the practical implications of our Lord’s teaching on His Second Coming. When He comes again, when He comes for us, we will be judged in the state that we are found. If the master of the house would have known when the thief was coming, he would have prevented the robbery (c/Mt 24:43-44), but as it was he was robbed in the state he was found. If the servants would have known when the master of the house was coming, they would have been ready to receive him instead of partying (c/Mt 24:45-51); they will be judged as they are found when the master returns. The five foolish virgins should have had oil, but they are judged in the state they are found, as are the wise virgins (c/Mt 25:1-13).
– ‘Burning Bush’ of Dormition of the Mother of God

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