“It has been said of the 16th Century Western European religious climate, that the prevailing attitude was a conviction that man is so sinful that it would be nearly impossible for God to forgive him. We are now at the other extreme, as it seems to be the prevailing attitude that human beings are faultless and have no need of forgiveness. They might say that even if there are failings, it is the parents, the culture or other external influences that are to blame. We have a “no fault” attitude when it comes to sin. There are many who say that they have no need of confession because they have no sins. There are some who come to confession because it is the rule and requirement for receiving Holy Communion and they might even say that they have no sins. This of course is spiritual blindness and hardness of heart. This neutralizes the power and force of the mystery of confession. Anyone who can say that they have no sins is surely insensitive and blind to the reality of their lives. In the end we do ourselves no favors if we pass by this wonderful mystery of the Church. We should remember that the fathers tell us that the sins that are not confessed (and not repented of), are not forgiven.”
(Fr Joseph, ‘The Talanton’ monastery newsletter)