“Many people talk about love. Today especially, as we realize that the ground is being moved out from under our feet and we’re headed for chaos, so much is happening! Both the grown-ups and the young talk about love, they talk about this oneness. But this is a cry that shows exactly the plight of mankind, the sorry state that men have been reduced to as they have left true love behind. Nothing happens merely with words and shouts. What’s needed is for man to find true love.

But true love is given only by God, Who came into the world out of love and passed, as they say, through all the stages of life patiently and in the end He was crucified out of love for men and rose from the dead. And He created a group of people to whom again He gave love, and He calls us all to draw near to this group so that we all become one family. God wants us to be free human beings, and He wants us as free beings to give ourselves absolutely to Him, loving Him, as He, being free, gave Himself to us out of love. The more a person denies himself, the more he sacrifices himself, the more he dies to the old man, then the more there lives within him the new man, the more he is a true man. He is a man who finds peace, joy, happiness.”

– “Do You Know Yourself?”


***Now and then we include a particularly thought provoking or inspiring excerpt not from one of our regular ‘Elders’***