“Until the age of sixteen, man’s mind is imperfect, and for this reason falls into many transgressions. In this day and age, parents must bring their children up “in the discipline and admonition of the Lord” (Eph. 6:4). If children are taught the correct things by their parents and are placed on a firm footing and enter the straight and true road which safeguards the body’s health and lifts the soul to the divine likeness, then they will have constant success in their life and will live in a healthy way, because some are neuropathic from the abuses of their foolishness, and others schizophrenic. To prevent all these sick conditions we must have “life in Christ” as our model and be close to the Church, which is our common Mother. She is the Kingdom of God, the Body of Christ. We must subject ourselves to Christ, the head of our Church, just as our body is subject to the head. If young people return and submit to Christ, they will be saved, as He Himself assured, “those who return to me, I shall heal”

– ‘Elder Anthimos of Saint Annes’