“Man is a mystery! Every time, then, that you are asked to pass judgment on something or someone, you must stop and think, “Is this judgment a divine judgment or is it filled with passion?” That is to say, is our judgment disinterested, or is it self-serving? You should not trust yourselves or your judgment. When we judge others, we are full of egoism. I am often asked to assess a situation and give my opinion, and I end up doing it out of obligation, against my will. I may be giving a selfless and impartial opinion, but when later I go to pray, the sweetness that I usually feel is not present. This is not because my conscience bothers me over something. It is, rather, because I have passed judgment on human terms. Now imagine how one would feel if the judgment was wrong or if it was filled with justifications or based on human standards! Judgment is a very serious matter. The right to judge is God’s alone. How awesome is His judgment! Those who are in a position to judge others may have good intentions, but that is not what matters. The important thing is the outcome of their judgment, (how it affects people).”

– ‘With Pain and Love’

Journey to the Romanian Skete
Theodosios Simonopetritis
Canon EOS 5D Mark II (ID 3431636015) Firmware Version 2.1.2
Lens: 24 to 70 at 24
ISO 100
1/160 at f/6,3
Exp Mode: Program
Exp Comp: +2/3
Metering: Evaluative
Flash: Off
WB: Auto