“Today young people have an egotistical outlook. They do not easily agree to submit to the Church. Every youth has his own understanding. All of them are unsubmissive and blind. As the Lord says, “If a blind person leads a blind person, both shall fall into a pit” (Matt. 15:14). Fortunately many of them later recovered after they traversed the crooked and contrary path of life, the path of evil. Now, for this reason a multitude of young people come to the Holy Mountain, and they reap the fruits of Christianity, and are made firm in faith. They become, let’s say, the formerly corrupt, let us say, become chaste and good and those who had formerly gone astray, come to the path of life and again become members of our Church, by the grace of Christ. They suffered, and having suffered and hated the passions, they recover and become chaste.”

– ‘Elder Anthimos of Saint Annes’