“True Christian experiences of heaven always bear one and the same stamp of other-worldly experience. Those who have In held heaven have not merely travelled to a different place; they have also entered into a whole different spiritual state. We who have not experienced this personally must be satisfied with  the description of certain outward features which, taken together, distinguish these experiences rather clearly from all of ilie experiences of the aerial realm which we have examined above [New Age accounts].  Numerous Lives of Saints contain descriptions of souls  entering heaven, as seen from the earth. In the Life of St. Anthony the Great we read: “Another time, Anthony was  in the mountain, and looking up he saw one carried on high, and a joyful band meeting him. Filled with wonder, he pronounced them a band of the blessed, and prayed to learn what this might be. And straightway came a voice to him, saying this is the soul of Ammon, the monk of Nitria, who led an ascetic life down to his old age’. ”

– The ‘Soul After Death’