“God is speaking to us at every moment; He does so sometimes clearly, sometimes through a glass, darkly. The very events and circumstances of our life are the language of the Logos, punctuating all things with meaning. But He respects our freedom to acknowledge His voice and seek Him. God speaks to us, and in this divine game of hide-and-go-seek, He asks us to seek, assuring us that we will find. Christ does not say simply to seek but to keep seeking: in the continual seeking, a continual finding. Yet, the finding is never what we expect. The Davidic affirmation that this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes lies above the psychological plane of aesthetic sense perception. The hasty heart feverishly seeks for seeking’s sake, finding no rest at all. The unperturbed inner eye beholds the marvel of Divine doings. The ’This’ of the Lord’s doing is before our face always—O that we had eyes to see!”

– Doxa Monastery Newsletter of the Holy Archangel Michael

***Now and then we include a particularly thought provoking or inspiring excerpt not from one of our regular ‘Elders’***