“In the gospel lesson of the Good Samaritan a question arises. Who is that man who fell to robbers? The answer is: It is the person who has abandoned the way to God, who refuses to obey His Commandments and follows the downward slope of the sinful life, falling into the traps of the evil one. And those invisible robbers utterly strip him of anything good; injuring his mind; wounding his soul; leaving him to die in his sins: the eternal death of his soul. Who came to save this lost soul? Definitely not those who are indifferent, unaffected by the pain of their fellow humans. Not those who avoid such circumstances, don’t want to become involved with the problems of others so they pass by to ‘the other side’.

Fortunately there exists a Good Samaritan. He is our Lord, the Incarnated Son and Word of God. The One who hastened to come to earth to demonstrate to us His Divine Love. Who humbled Himself and became Man, preaching the Good News for the enlightenment of our souls. The One who came to invigorate us, wash our wounds, raise us from the dead works of sin, and save us from eternal damnation. He established that blessed Inn, the Church—the Body of Christ—with its indispensable and saving mysteries [the Sacraments]. His infinite love should flood our heart with gratitude, inspiring us to His teachings and direction for our lives.  That’s the kind of love we should show towards others,  concerned for their physical as well as spiritual needs. As disciples of the ‘Good Samaritan’ we should become like Him, looking after the person who is in pain, ill, and needs our help. Not only with words but with deeds, offering ourselves in sacrificial love.”

– All Saints Greek Orthodox Monastery Newsletter

***Now and then we include a particularly thought provoking or inspiring excerpt not from one of our regular ‘Elders’***

Full sun at sunrise over the peaks of Mount Athos, below a layer of clouds. The mountain peaks are seen behind a couple of straw beach umbrellas and in front of the purple tints of the morning sky.