“The Christian believes and entrusts himself to God unto death, and then he can so clearly the hand of God guiding and saving him.  The Apostle Paul says that faith is believing in the things we don’t see, not merely in the things we do see. When we place our future in God’s hands, we oblige Him to help us. Absolute trust in God is born of faith, with which we pray in secret and enjoy the fruit of hope. It is a constant prayer which brings divine results at the right time. It is then that man lives an angelic life and bursts out in praise, ‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord’. For man can make of his life a life in Paradise, if he trusts God, praises Him for everything and accepts Him as a Loving Father guiding his life. Otherwise, he can make his life hell. It is a wonderful thing for man to be able to experience from this life a measure of the joy of Paradise.”

– ‘Spiritual Awakening’