“…naturally acquire a steadfast and good spiritual state so that when the passion of anger comes, it will find the place of your heart occupied by love and not be able to slay; it will go away. We give way to wrath with humility and silence. Why do we say that the snake is subtle? Even though it has its poison as a strong weapon and is able to harm us, a snake will immediately back off upon hearing a little noise; it does not go against anyone, but gives way to wrath. You should do the same; if someone says something to tease you, do not respond. If you keep silent, you will disarm the other person. Once in the Kalyvi, Dikas, the big cat, tried to strike a little frog. The frog did not move at all, so Dikas left it alone and went away. Through its silence and humility, the little frog conquered Dikas. If the frog had moved a little, Dikas would have thrown it into the air and beaten it like a tambourine.”

– ‘Passions and Virtues’