“We pray that the beauty of faith and hope shines in your life particularly in these uncertain times. It seems that we are so well aware of what the Holy Fathers and Mothers of the Church have always known, that the fragility of our life in this world is held together only by the hand of God and that we have been in the “end times” since the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It has never been easy to be a real Orthodox Christian. It is the hard times in history that are the best times for the Church. Let us give thanks for the challenges and even the uncertainty of these times. Let us pray that we will be counted worthy to behold the beauty of the work of God and stand strong in our witness to the Only-true God.


Let us give more attention to the work of repentance and purification. Let us allow God to cleanse the eyes of our soul so that we receive this life which God gives us with awe and wonder. If the eye of our soul is full of light, then we will see the splendor of God even now. We do see and experience the world according to our inner filters.”

– St. Gregory Palamas Monastery’s  The Talanton


**We are pleased to include writings from modern American Monasteries from time to time as well as our traditional Elders**