God shows us love, but sometimes He has to be stem. He warns us, but does not force us. When we fail to turn to Him when He is so gentle to us, we — like ill-behaving children, or perhaps the term “spoiled brats” would more aptly apply — need a real wake-up call.

We are getting that now with the corona virus pandemic.

By now, everyone is worn out with the effects, the restrictions, and the constant news about the virus. Is there anyone on this earth who has not been affected by it to some degree? To some it has been little more than an inconvenience; to others, it has changed many aspects of their life — working from home, virtual schooling, no sport activities, etc. And there are those who have been more drastically affected in losing jobs, being separated from family, and ultimately death itself.

We cannot explain or justify how the present world circumstances have affected our lives and the lives of those whom we love. These present times may be a turning point for us as individuals, as families, as nations. We may see the result of it in our lives or we may not. But the most important thing is that we fix the eyes of our souls on God and not waver from the path in following Him. Rather than question why He has allowed this pestilence to inflict the entire world, we need to very simply give thanks to Him.

Give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good. Alleluia!

As the years pass we can look back on times, events, and changes in our lives that were difficult, even tragic, when they occurred. Whether those events were beyond our control, or brought upon by ourselves, we could not understand them at the time. With the passing of time we sometimes realize that, having kept focused on God and not blaming Him for what had happened, we learned a great deal. In fact, we often find ourselves upon a better path and more God-centered situation because of those difficult times.

–  ‘The Veil’ of Protection of the Holy Virgin Orthodox Monastery