“Yesterday’s conflated Gospel reading (Matthew 10:32 – 33; 37 – 38; 19: 27 – 30) has been given to us by our church as a reminder that, after celebrating Pentecost and the Holy Spirit, we as Christians are now obliged to live the life of Christ. If we expect God in all His fullness to rest among his people, then his people need to honour Him not only with worship and praise but with action. Through the father Christ came into the world. Through Christ, we receive the word. Through the Holy Spirit the word was embedded in our heart. Now, we have to live the word.

  • Let us get this clear: there is no such thing as a crypto Christian. There is no such thing as a Christian fence sitter. Either you are for Christ or against him. There is no middle ground. Christ himself says who does not gather, scatters. The antithesis of gathering is, according to Christ, scattering. Simply put, you are either ” in ” or “out “.
  • We if we are ” in ” then we are obliged to walk in the way of the Lord. This is no easy path – do not fool yourself. There is no such thing as cheap salvation. You have to work and work hard every day – whether you like it or not or whether you feel like it or not – you are committed to Christ and are a soldier permanently in service. So any relationship that we may have in this world must be secondary to our relationship with Christ. My youngest grandchildren say that they love me to the stars, the moon and back. Well, they can love me that much but they must love Christ even more. Nothing, or no one, can get between us and the love of Christ.

– Paradise4Kids posting


**We are pleased to include writings from modern American Monasteries from time to time as well as our traditional Elders**