The more you pray for him to leave, the more tightly he embraces you. Show contempt for the devil. Don’t meet him head on. When you struggle against the devil with obstinacy, he flies at you like a tiger or a wild cat. When you shoot a bullet at him, he lobs a hand-grenade at you. And when you throw a bomb at him, he launches a rocket against you. Don’t look at evil. Turn your eyes to God’s embrace and fall into His arms and continue on your way. Abandon yourself to Him; love Christ; live in vigilance. Vigilance is essential for the person who loves God.

Things are simple and easy in the spiritual life, in the life in Christ, as long as you possess discernment. When something bothers you — a seductive thought, a temptation, an assault — ignore all these things, and turn your attention, your eyes, to Christ. He will then take over the task of raising you up. He will take you by the hand and will give you  His divine grace abundantly]All you need to do is make a tiny little effort. The human contribution in all this represents only a millionth of a   1/millionth part — a slight inclination, that is.  Take a step in God’s direction, and in a split second divine grace will come. As soon as you think of it, the Holy Spirit will come. You don’t do anything. You just move in that direction, and divine grace comes immediately. As soon as you let out a groan, it comes and acts. What is it Saint Paul says? The Holy Spirit  (Rom. 8:26) it makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. Great wisdom! These are not simply words, but the living Word of God. When you see the contrary spirit approaching to take hold of you,  do not be afraid; neither look at it nor attempt to expel it from within  you.

What do you do? The best thing is con tempt. Open your arms to Christ like the little child that sees a wild beast approaching and is not  afraid because his father is at his side and he throws himself into his father’s embrace. That is how to deal with every attack by the evil one and  with every evil thought — with contempt.

– Elder St. Porphyrios in ‘Wounded by Love’