“In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God concerning you in Christ Jesus” (Thes
5:18.) Everything in our life is a gift, “for what do we have that we have not received.” It is
through our thanksgiving to God that we transform the good and the bad things in our lives
into the mystery our eternal salvation. According to the Holy Fathers, thanksgiving to God
for all things intercedes for our weaknesses and makes up for our infirmities before the Lord.
The greatest gift to give thanks for is the incarnation of our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus
Christ Who is the Life and Light of all. It is God Himself Who comes to us again in the flesh
this Nativity to meet us during the darkest time of the year, bringing us the greatest and
eternal light. Thanksgiving is the gift that we can offer back to God for all of His gifts,
especially that of the incarnation. It is only through thanksgiving that we can hope to not
only transform our current state regardless of what is happening, but also through it God
bestows on us even more gifts because of our gratitude. In every season of our life, let us give
thanks to God. With every joy in our life, let us give thanks to God. In every trial and
tribulation, let us give thanks to God, because through this we will improve our state and
through this God will bring about the greatest miracle of all, our eternal union with Him
which saves us for all eternity. May the Lord who comes to be born in a cavern for us and for
our salvation renew, bless and strength us all to meet Him with thanksgiving this year for
all things and most especially for the greatest Gift which is God Himself.

– 2020 Nativity Newsletter of St. Tikhon’s Monastery