The path of salvation is very narrow, but
Orthodoxy alone of all the religions is God’s religion; and
therefore it does not deny those faculties which God gave us,
especially reason which is the faculty by which we understand

And so it is that Orthodoxy is the one religion because it is
the true religion, God=s religion, which has the answer to all,
which understands everything which happens in the world. That
does not mean that we have necessarily an absolute answer to
everything, because that’s also a characteristic of sectarian
mentality: they have an instant answer and they give it to you
very simplified and there’s no argument. With Orthodoxy, rather,
we open our minds because since we have the truth we are not
afraid of whatever science may say, or philosophy or writers,
artists. We are not afraid of them; we can look at them with our
Orthodox understanding and with an open mind and with an
open heart to see what really is positive and understand whether
they are valuable or not valuable, whether they are beneficial,
whether they are harmful.

– Orthodox Survival Guide