What can each of us give back to the Lord? Humility. In God’s eyes, it has the ultimate value. How can we comprehend the meaning of humility? Imminent and unrelenting old age will come to the rescue and help us.
As you grow older, you gradually gain peace and humility. With the benefit of hindsight, you come to an understanding that all things must pass and only God’s mercy and love prevail. When you are young, you are bold enough to set up the fight with the whole world; you are on fire, the passions run high and bubble all over and around. Once you get older and the dust settles, you gain stability of the mind and clarity of thought. By feeling frail and helpless, all of a sudden… you grow humble.
Old age is a providential gift from God. It gives us the chance to pay the utmost price for our life: humility. Growing old, we are willing to give more, our needs are few, and so we are ready to concentrate on the most important things since the storm of youthful passions no longer wreaks havoc in our souls. We treasure every single moment and the breath of a new day, enjoy life, and count our blessings.
“A young man is all fired up whereas an old man is lit up from within. We have to be able to keep the fire going while we can but, once it is extinguished, we must find a way to give off the light. We must be a formidable force at some point in life and learn the art of stillness at another,” observes Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh.