If we were to discover that someone unknown to us had been secretly helping us in a very significant way, without wanting anything in return, we would have such a profound love and gratitude toward that person! In truth, each of us has such a one—our guardian angel, given at Baptism, who remains by our side, protecting us from danger, whether we are aware of his presence or not. And yet, when we start to pay attention and invoke the name of our holy guardian with love and gratitude, a distinct awareness of his presence can be felt.

We often see images of a guardian angel by the side of a small child. These images serve their purpose in helping young people to trust their guardian angel. As adults, though, we can be led astray by considering one’s angel, therefore, to be just for children—something so far from the truth! As Protopriest Leonid Kolchev writes: “Like a loyal guard, and without pressuring our will, this invisible and indefatigable protector of ours delivers us from all evil, misfortune, and sorrow, and serves as our guide on the path toward the safe haven of Christ’s kingdom.” The angels are powerful because they receive power from God in order to carry out their holy obedience of protection. They do this out of love for God and love for man. Unlike us, they neither waver in their love nor in their obedience. They love mankind because the Lord Himself loves mankind.

Ponder for a moment the boundless ranks of angelic hosts: their beauty, their radiance, the varying hues of their luminous garments, the beauty of their constant doxology of God. To this angelic host, God—in His infinite mercy—has added us, Orthodox Christians, in His plan of creation. We are to be co-dwellers with them in heaven.

– ‘The Burning Bush’