[We] initially experience prayer, when we begin to pray, as a wrestling match, a struggle. …I begin a battle which will be painful, which will be endless… a battle with God Himself… Let us suppose… that we have begun to pray, and I feel that I am engaged in this fearful wrestling match with God, that I have entered the fray, and that I have gloved up and begun to strike God. He defends Himself, dodges and resists. I do too, and the question now is whether I will be the winner or Him. The only options for me are to be knocked down, covered in blood, or to beat Him, and hear Him say to me: “Now you’ve won.” In other words, that He will surrender Himself to me, as He did to all the saints, who did whatever they wanted with God. If I stop, I will be a broken man, forever a failure. I cannot say that I am working, living, or praying, unless I win this fight.

– ‘The Church at Prayer’