All this is by way of explaining that Orthodoxy, in St. Tikhon’s definition, is the true Christianity, and it was never more needed than today. We must realize what a treasure we have, and make it active in us. This need not mean going door to door like Jehovah’s Witnesses, or preaching in the streets. The outward expression of our faith will come naturally once we have begun to go inward, finding out what this treasure is and letting ourselves be truly changed by it. Recently an Orthodox person of some sensitivity and depth told me: “Orthodoxy is the truth, but it’s too difficult for men today, so I seldom speak of it.” There is a kernel of truth in this statement. Orthodoxy IS difficult compared to the Western denominations; but still — anyone who is capable of wanting a demanding faith is capable of accepting Orthodoxy. We have to sow more, so there will be more to reap. But first of all we have to go inward and make the true Christianity of Orthodoxy a living part of ourselves.”
– ‘Orthodox World View’