“…blessed is he who remembers his death day and night and pro pares himself to meet it. For it has a habit of coming joyfully to those who wait for it, but it arrives unexpectedly, bitterly, and harshly for those who do not expect it. Therefore, my son, you, too, should reflect on the false hood, the illusion of this deceiving world, and with the help of God’s grace, be careful never to sin. For this deceiving world pushes everyone to be by its side. And if it is able to catch them in its nets, it will have them as its own forever! For men deceive and are deceived. As mortals, they work on their mortal affairs. But you, day and night listen to the divine voice within you: ‘Do not love the world, all the deceit of the world, for it passes by quickly along with all its pleasures. Only he who does the will of God remains unto the ages’.”

– ‘Monastic Wisdom’