At the moment when your soul is in danger and you are struggling, cry out,‘Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.’  Beat off everything with prayer. This is the great secret. At the moment of temptation, just as you are about to show contempt for it, the evil one grabs you, pins you down and throttles you and does what he wishes and not what you wish.

You must make your move towards God in time. But for you to succeed m this, divine grace must illuminate you. If this isn’t done at once, then the evil one will grab hold of you, and in spite of your efforts to throw him off, he will already have you in his power. Let me give you an example.

I once asked someone to do something for me, but he refused saying that it wasn’t in accord with scientific principles. I insisted, but he remained adamant. I began to feel exasperation, but then I realized what was happening, and at once I turned to Christ and managed to prevent evil gaining a hold.  This is our method. We will raise our arms to Christ and He will give us His grace.

– Elder St Porphyrios in ‘Wounded by Love’