Thank you for visiting our site.  The purpose of this site it to provide spiritual ‘snacks’ for busy modern Orthodox Christians  (and other visitors) to help them lead the life that the Lord wants for each of us and towards which the Church guides us. Regularly updated sections include…

Orthodox Quotes: a quote from an Orthodox individual or saint.  Special emphasis is placed on 20th/21st century individuals.  This is updated daily with a variety of thematic images.  These quotes are also updated daily on our Facebook page…


Modern Orthodox Elders: quotes several times a week from Elders (many of who are now saints of the church!) used with permission from publishers around the world.  It is hoped that the quotes will inspire you to purchase and read the book from which they are taken.



Orthodox Monasteries in America: this is a single source of contact links and information on all of the Orthodox monasteries in America. The lists are updated as needed but there are no regular posts.