Don’t struggle directly with temptation, don’t pray for it to go away, don’t say, ‘Take it from me, 0 God!’ Then you are acknowledging the
strength of the temptation and it takes hold of you. Because, although
you are saying ‘Take it from me, 0 God’, basically you are bringing it to
mind and fomenting it even more. Your desire to be free of the passion
will, of course, be there, but it will exist in a hidden and discreet way,
without appearing outwardly. Remember what Scripture says: Don’t let
your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Let all your strength Matt. 6:3
be turned to love for God, worship of God and adhesion to God. In this
way your release from evil and from your weaknesses will happen in a
mystical manner, without your being aware of it and without exertion.
This is the kind of effort I make. I have found that the bloodless
mode is the best mode of sanctification. It is better, that is, to devote our selves to love through the study of the hymns and psalms. This study
and preoccupation directs my mind to Christ and refreshes my heart
without my realizing it. At the same time I pray, opening my arms in
longing, love and joy, and the Lord takes me up into His love. That is our aim to attain to that love. What do you say? Isn’t this way bloodless?
– Wounded by Love