We frequently see saintly people nowadays, but we also sec deluded people who have gone astray. You can go to a hermit or an ascetic. and as soon as he sees you he will greet you by name and say .’Why weren’t  you more careful? Now you’ve got yourself involved in such and such a situation.’ Without knowing you, he calls you by your name and tells you about a situation which is known only to you. And you exclaim, ‘The man’s a saint! He knows my name and my secrets!’ Then you go to a medium — and mediums and charlatans making pots of money have sprung up all over the place — and he also tells you where you’re from and where you’re going. So you are bewildered and you ask yourself,

‘What’s going on here? Where is the truth? The saint told me the truth and so did this wizard. He also knew my name… Is he a saint too?’  That’s how we get mixed up.

Holy Scripture enlightens us and enables us to make discrimination  of spirits. That’s why we must know Scripture and listen to its words  with acuity. The inebriation of the Apostles through the divine grace of the Holy Spirit is one thing, and the inebriation of the [pagan sorcerers] in which unmistakably, you see the spirit of Satan, is quite another. What happens with the medium is delusion, spiritual solecism. The contrary spirit appears as an angel of light. If you do not know his wiles, you are 2 Cor. 11:14 unable to say that this does not come from the Holy Spirit and you may be led astray, believing that this enthusiasm is good. Many people fall into this trap.”

–  ‘Wounded by Love’