A certain judge, a righteous Muslim, invited to his house an Orthodox Abbot who was ascetising in a monastery nearby. As they were having dinner, he asked the abbot: “You are a wise man. So tell me this. I am a judge, a Muslim, and I obey the laws of my faith. I judge impartially, do not take bribes, feed the poor, pray and fast. I live by the will of Allah. How can I not inherit the Kingdom?”


The abbot replied: “Do you have children, good man?”


“Yes” answered the judge.


“And do you have servants?”


“Of course, I do!”


“Who obeys you more – your children or your servants?”

“My servants. They listen to my every word. They go out of their way to please me. And my children… They are often haughty, obstinate and disobedient.”


The abbot said: “When you die, who will you leave your estate to – your children or servants?”


“My children, of course!” – exclaimed the judge.


“It is the same way with the Kingdom. You may be an ideal servant, but a son will inherit the estate. There is only one way you can become one – Jesus,” concluded the abbot.

– Translated by The Catalogue of Good Deeds